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7 Yoga Tips For The Quarantined Soul

The pandemic has taught us all the importance of self-care! Staying at home the entire time can be draining, considering you can’t really meet people or go out to new eateries.

Or do anything new. 

In this challenging time, I thought it would be a good idea to put together a bunch of resources on self-care; Here are some I’ve already shared, before: 

As a travel consultant focusing on wellness travel, I often get asked if I also plan yoga-retreat-vacations – which is something I am working on as part of my complete travel package, sometime in the future!! 

But naturally, since we can’t travel right now – for yoga, for adventure sports, or anything at all – I thought I’d make yet another compilation. This time, it’s a compilation of 7 yoga tips for you to engage in this peaceful activity at home to soothe your nerves during this challenging period. 

Whether you are just starting your first yoga class or just have a few classes under your belt, these tips will help you get the most out of your attempt to do yoga. 

One of the first tips I can give is to start yoga with an open mind and a willingness to continue. 

Be aware that meditation and yogic breathing (pranayama) are two essential practices that complement the movement part of yoga asanas. 

While asana and posture are important for physical health in yoga practice, yoga philosophy and meditation practice can also do wonders for your mind, emotional health and general well-being. 

Whether you have been practising yoga for years or are just beginning your journey, if you decide to venture deeper down the right path, the depth of yoga and its benefits will continue to unfold for you.

Create a yoga spot in your home 

man doing yoga session

No, you don’t need to have a spot permanently dedicated to yoga, but when you ARE practising, you will need to be in a place that has ample space and is preferably peaceful and quiet. 

You’ve probably heard of people setting up yoga spaces with incense sticks and candles – and these are delightful additions to have, to get you in the zone. But they are not necessary. 

Use a yoga mat 

woman in black tank top and blue denim jeans sitting on gray concrete floor

Get yourself a yoga mat, or a carpet you can practise on. You don’t necessarily need a yoga mat, but a non-slip one can keep your hands and legs from slipping when you do your exercises. That said, you can also work with a carpet.

If you’re looking to buy a yoga mat, you can get some really good ones online! Decathlon’s online store has a few great ones! But do your research to find one that fits your budget. 

Warm up before you start

silhouette of woman making yoga pose

Warming your body up, like with any other exercise, is important so that you don’t injure yourself. This article I found tells you more about warming up properly:

Do it regularly

body of water

Just like patterns in nature, the key is to be consistent. Don’t focus on doing yoga for elongated periods of time; instead, focusing on doing it regularly – even if it’s just for 15 minutes a day – can be far more rewarding for your mind and body.

Find an online class that you like

woman in black t-shirt and black pants lying on black yoga mat

Although this is not a ‘mandatory’ tip, it’s one way you can ensure you do yoga correctly and regularly. The pandemic has helped a lot of yoga teachers take their classes online – which is particularly helpful if you’re looking at learning from international teachers! A simple Google search for yoga teachers online will show you a whole bunch of teachers that you can contact. 

Or use YouTube videos

woman doing yoga facing calm body of water

You can also learn from teachers on YouTube. Of course, you won’t be able to connect with them one-on-one, but it’s free and you can leave questions in the comments section! 

Here is a great channel that teaches you how to do yoga right: – and the best part is, it’s from India, the birthplace of yoga! The instructor is experienced and her instructions are simple to follow. 

Practise Shavasana

‘Shavasana’ is basically a posture that involves lying down. Literally just that – lying down. Did you know that lying down on your back can help you align your spine, help you focus on breathing correctly, aiding better digestion – and most of all, just feeling relaxed. 

Sometimes, lying down with our eyes shut for a few moments is all we need for our bodies to feel rejuvenated. Try it out the next time you’re feeling drained in the middle of a normal day to see how it makes you feel! 

By lying down and concentrating on your breathing, you bring yourself back into your reality, and allow yourself to experience mindful living, which promotes your mental peace. 

Post Covid…

You can take an offline yoga class and try different yoga styles and attend meditation retreats to enhance the way you live life! 

If you don’t feel you can do yoga on your own, go to a studio to take a yoga class. If you are a beginner who wants to start with online yoga, you can find one of the best yoga studios in your area or online for yoga classes that suit your time and schedule. 

I look forward to being able to take you away to some of the best yoga retreats, depending on what part of the world you want to visit! 

In case you’re already planning a trip for the forthcoming year or even later, you can contact me and set up a consultation call, where we can chat about where you would like to go and whether you are looking to go on a purely yoga-oriented vacation or a vacation that also includes a yoga retreat!

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